CloneSensor 1.1

Find / delete duplicate files and organize your collections better

CloneSensor is a very different duplicate file finder with a view to organizing collections of files. It has ultra fast searching speed with special optimized algorithm and provides many batch processing commands to help you find and delete duplicate files. It also provides many ways to rename or batch rename filenames for organizing your collections better.

Existing Functions:

  • Search the directories you selected, find out duplicate files, and display them with Special Grouping Modes
  • Support network path and mapped path
  • Support extension filters
  • To the file state (Preserved, Deleted, or Unsettled), you can set it all the group by just one click, or your one click just changes one file state, like what most similar softwares do
  • To duplicate files, CloneSensor provides many batch commands to help you set file states quickly. For example, you can change file states in batches in a certain directory (include subdirectories), which would improve your efficiency significantly
  • A variety of ways to locate file, help you speedily locate the file you want to process
  • The batch renaming commands can make the files in the collections more explicit
  • Support pre-treating, save time for the file state setting
  • With the options before deleting, you can set your heart at rest in the usage of the batch commands
  • With the delete option, you can delele files to the recycle bin, move files to the preset directory or remove files from your hard disk directly
  • You can choose the file attributes to search

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